Wattpad Added to Toolbox vis-a-vis SIGI

At the 2015 Superstars Seminar last week, I discovered what may be an extremely potent tool for writers at all levels of their career. The tool is Wattpad, and it’s likely you’ll see me vetting a number of different storylines there.

Wattpad can best be described as a social media site for writers to share their work in a raw format where readers can review, contribute to, and even vote upon the quality of the work.

My first sortie into the environment is with something I’ve been playing with for a few years now in very small and infrequent bursts. It’s called SIGI: Sentient Information Gathering Insect. It’s a cross of super-spy fiction with science fiction and super hero fiction.

I’ve written nine episodes (or chapters) thus far, with the first posted this morning. The intention is to release a new chapter every week until a novel-length work is complete. It’s something that should only take an hour or two per week, but by the end, I’ll have a pretty good book (I hope).

I’m using this method because I have a number of other projects to work on, not the least of which is wrapping Chemical Burn for WordFire Press, finishing the edit on Blood Ties (also for WordFire), and finally finishing the military sci-fi work Rise of the Thermopylae for Twisted Core Press.

It’s going to be a busy year, but hopefully the most successful of my career to date.

So stick around and see what happens next with all the works I’m running with. And be sure to follow SIGI. That little ditty should be a real kick in the pants.




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