Wasabi Animeland 2014

animelandlogoIt was Groucho Marx who said “I’d never be a member of an organization that would have me as a member.” In this case, I’m gratified that I get to be a panelist at Animeland’s Wasabi convention… or it is Wasabi’s Animeland convention… I can never tell.

Regardless, I’ll be there for the duration, so stop on by and say hello. I’m going to be in the company of some great writers and artists… and a crap-load of cosplay… so it’s sure to be entertaining for anyone who goes to the geekdom meetings.


And here’s my schedule:

Friday, Feb. 28th

– 1:00pm – Panel Room #4 – Working with others in a group/consortium

– 5:00pm – Panel Room #4 – Nanowrimo

– 7:00pm – Panel Room #4 – Professionalism in the Face of Adversity

– 9:00pm – Panel Room #4 – The Hobbit : Two Movies or Three

Saturday, Mar. 1st

10:00am – Panel Room #4 – Fast Track eBook & Print design… the easy way

– 5:00pm – Panel Room #4 – Mining for story nuggets

– 7:00pm – Panel Room #4 – Sci-Fi Influencing Reality

Sunday, Mar. 2nd

– 12:00pm – Panel Room #4 – Who’s the Villain?

– 2:00pm – Panel Room #4 – Indie or Traditional?  eBook or print?  Which is the true path?


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