TCP Roundtable: Indie Authors and Publishing

It’s no secret that indie publishing has turned the traditional publishing world upside down. The beauty is that it’s not a war going on so much as an adjustment… and evolution that is altering the nature of what writing is reaching consumers.

The discussion below was hosted by A.T. Russell of Twisted Core Press, who was kind enough to invite Darke Conteur, Guy De Marco, and yours truly. Over the course of about an hour and a half, we cover our personal perspectives on the indie publishing world, indie careers, and how all of this fits into the traditional publishing machine. It’s all opinion, to be sure, so take every bit of it with a grain of salt. But, if you’re a writer or are interested in at least some of what writers have to contend with to get their careers off the ground, this snippet of footage may be of use to you.

To give you a little context, I’d just gotten back from the Superstars Writing Seminar (put on by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta), which is a three day event presented by international best selling authors who discuss the nuts and bolts of the business of writing. The timing was fortuitous, because much of what I picked up at the seminar was germane to this roundtable.

Feel free to comment on this, and I’d love to hear any different opinions of what we talked about. None of us claim to have all the answers, and seeing as the industry is a maelstrom right now, sharing our ideas is our best bet on navigating the storm.

Cheers and keep writing!



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