Paranormal – A New Mini Short Story Collection

In my copious amounts of spare time, I managed to take three of my favorite paranormal short stories and put them in one place. This new collection contains “Salting Dogwood,” “Tasty Morsels,” and “The St. Elmo Dämonjünger.” The first two have been published twice each, but the last is an unpublished story featuring a character … Read more…

Cat Rambo’s New StoryBundle Bundle

It’s a busy week for me. I’m here at PensaCon in Pensacola, Florida (my favorite convention of the year). I got to fly  here (a now reguilar occurance), which is a huge boon for my time management. Spending two and three days in the truck was killing my writing time. I have to new cover … Read more…

The SIGI Chronicles #006 – Boom Shakalaka!

[Go To Episode 5] “Ummm… SIGI?”  Varma set down my carrying case, looked at the floor and twisted his fingers together.  He’d been anxious all morning as we prepped for the demonstration scheduled for later that morning. “Oh-oh.”  I got that old sinking feeling in my processors.  Two weeks old and I already knew Varma … Read more…


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