Wattpad Experiment Continues with More SIGI

As I mentioned last week, I’m using my SIGI (Sentient Intelligence Gathering Insect) storyline as my first trial on WattPad, a social writing website. The purpose is two fold. Naturally, I want to expose more folks to my writing, but I also want to see what sort of contributions readers in WattPad can make to a … Read more…

Wattpad Added to Toolbox vis-a-vis SIGI

At the 2015 Superstars Seminar last week, I discovered what may be an extremely potent tool for writers at all levels of their career. The tool is Wattpad, and it’s likely you’ll see me vetting a number of different storylines there. Wattpad can best be described as a social media site for writers to share … Read more…


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