Quincy Allen and Terry Phillius Get Some Air Time

Well, it took longer than expected, but two of us here at Diascribe have stories that have now seen the light of day.  RuneWright finally released the steampunk anthology Penny Dread Tales in print, Kindle and iPad formats.  Quincy Allen has a story in it called Lasater’s Lucky Left about a cyborg gun-slinger in the 1860s that tangles horns with Chinese … Read more…

RuneWright and What Mother Hath Wrought

RuneWright publishing has their second 2011 deadline coming up.  This anthology is all about new life or life renewed.  The theme is “It Lives” and it can be good life, bad life, naughty life or anything in between.  We’re looking for mostly science fiction, but the odd fantasy or horror story may work its way … Read more…

The SIGI Chronicles #001 – Waking Up

[POWERUP]… … [HICCUP] … … What the hell was that? [GLITCH… [REBOOT]… … [SPINUP] … … [ HICCUP]… There it goes again… Not sure how I could possibly hiccup since it requires a diaphragm, lungs and a central nervous system.   I’m pretty sure I don’t have any of those, despite the fact that I can’t … Read more…


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