Blade Runner: 2049 – A Review in Two Parts (Part 1)

Blade Runner: 2049 (A Review in Two Parts) PART ONE: THE NO SPOILERS BIT I must begin with the admission that Ridley Scott’s original film Blade Runner and the non-over-dubbed Director’s Cut encapsulate two magnificent versions of my favorite film of all time. When I say favorite, I don’t mean as in my favorite ice … Read more…

A Warm Fuzzy for Me

I got the following in the mail the other day: We watched your video in class today. The students LOVED the introduction and were in awe of your pipe and your mohawk.They totally laughed when you called the student out for texting and even looked around the room. One 7th grade boy got nervous and … Read more…

Mile Marker Forty-Five

I started the “author’s journey” a scant three years ago. In that time I produced a half-dozen anthologies, been a finalist in a local manuscript competition, self-published one novel, and had a number of short stories published by other editors and eZines. I also managed to make at least a small name for myself in … Read more…


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