A CORNUCOPIA of Sci Fi, Including a Little Ender’s Game….

I’ve been involved with an organization for about four years now that is, in many respects, turning the publishing industry on its ear… or at least reinventing an old game with a few new twists and a lot more panache… or is it chutzpah? Anyway, the organization is WordFire Press, and I can say with a … Read more…

Tokyo Yakuza on the Rise – A Freelance Success

I’m doing everything I can these days to become a fulltime freelancer. With bills being what they are and my old “perfect day gig” having mostly dried up, I need a new revenue stream. Working with Kathryn S. Renta of LatchKeyArtist.com, we’ve been doing banner work for TOR and Kevin J. Anderson, as well as … Read more…

My First Book Bundle: A Cornucopia of Authors

I crossed another milestone today, and I’m tickled pink about it. As most of you know, I’ve been producing the Penny Dread Tales series for four years now. As a result, Kevin J. Anderson of WordFire Press published The Best of Penny Dread Tales, which did really well at PensaCon and should continue to delight readers … Read more…


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