Tokyo Yakuza on the Rise – A Freelance Success

I’m doing everything I can these days to become a fulltime freelancer. With bills being what they are and my old “perfect day gig” having mostly dried up, I need a new revenue stream. Working with Kathryn S. Renta of, we’ve been doing banner work for TOR and Kevin J. Anderson, as well as … Read more…

TCP Roundtable: Indie Authors and Publishing

It’s no secret that indie publishing has turned the traditional publishing world upside down. The beauty is that it’s not a war going on so much as an adjustment… and evolution that is altering the nature of what writing is reaching consumers. The discussion below was hosted by A.T. Russell of Twisted Core Press, who … Read more…

OsFest5 Panel Schedule

One day of the convention has passed by.  We pulled in at about 2:15 after an 8-hour drive from Denver to Omaha, Nebraska for OsFest5.  Special thanks go out to Guy De Marco and his lovely wife T. L. De Marco for putting pretty much all of this even together for Peter J. Wacks and me.  Last … Read more…


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