On Writing the Foreign – A Confession

On his FB feed recently, Steven Brust (a man whose writing I’ve enjoyed for over 30 years), expressed something that has troubled me for a few years now. He wrote, “I keep seeing that white people shouldn’t tell the stories of black people, that men shouldn’t tell the stories of women, that straight people shouldn’t … Read more…

An American White Guy’s Realization About Culture

When I’m faced with a moral conundrum, I often ask myself, “What would Picard do?” I admit that with a great deal of pride. The character Captain Jean Luc Picard was depicted in such a fashion that his decisions and decision making processes offer a marvelous compass for the generations who watched Star Trek the … Read more…

Steampunk Games and the Gender Crisis

There have been countless words written in recent weeks regarding the gender crisis surrounding SFWA Bulletins 200, 201, and 202, and the two sides seem to be preparing for armed combat. Similarly, those very same camps have dug trenches along the Microsoft “no female protagonist in their games” SNAFU, and that battle is raging as … Read more…


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