25 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Five – Qi’s Telegram “Ain’t nothin’ more valuable than friends. Not gold. Not land. Not horses. You do for them like they’re your very own soul.” ~ Jake Lasater

28 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Two – Battlefield “You have to keep in mind that I wasn’t there for everything. Some of his story came to me in pieces … over breakfast or a cup of coffee … around campfires … sometimes second- or even third-hand. But I remember it all. I owed him that from the first day I met him. We … Read more…

29 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter One – The Taste of Black Powder “The Jake I knew was born of thunder, blood, and lies. It made him a better man, but at such a terrible price. And the villain who set it all in motion didn’t realize what he’d done until it was far too late.” ~ Lady Corina Dănești

Countdown to Blood Ties – 30 Days Left

THIRTY DAYS TILL My next novel Blood Ties, the first of six books in the Blood War Chronicles, will be debuting at Comikaze Expo at the end of October. Each chapter begins with a quote from one of the main characters, so to build up a bit of momentum, I’ll be posting one quote a day until … Read more…

My First Real Book Signing…

I’ve always been embarrassed by even the thought of “celebrating” my own writing. A couple of years ago I was in a writing group where a guy busted my chops because he’d found out from someone else that I’d been a finalist in the Colorado Gold contest… eight months after we’d met. I’d just never really … Read more…

New QJA Titles in June!

June promises to be the biggest, bestest, most sparkly month of my writing career… to date, at least. I’ve posted bits and pieces for the past couple of months, but I wanted to highlight today what I have going on. June 11th marks the release of two titles I’m very proud of. The first is Out … Read more…


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