3 Days Until Blood Ties – And the ARC reviews are FANTASTIC…

Yesterday I ran out of quotes from the chapter heads of Blood Ties. That’s all there are: twenty-six action-packed chapters of steampunky mayhem spiced with a dollop of magic and some (hopefully) loveable characters. About a month ago–and in preparation for this very moment–I sent out a slew of ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) to a … Read more…

4 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Twenty-six – A Deal Deal “You can make a deal with the Devil and trust he’ll keep his end of the bargain. But any deal you make better be worth your immortal soul.” ~ Jake Lasater

6 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Twenty-four – The Gauntlet “When it was just me, I never worried about getting killed. It was always the people around me that I worried about.” ~ Jake Lasater

8 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Twenty-two Rock and a Hard Place “Jake was a lot like Lumpy when you cornered him. He just dug his heels in and plowed through whatever got in his way.” ~ Cole McJunkins

10 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Twenty – Comrades in Arms “There’s a part of me, deep down inside, that always regretted not being able to settle down with Jake, but he had his destiny.” ~ Qi Lau Xing


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