Book Biz Rules and Riddles 003

BRANDING AND COLLATERAL On the day you decide to make a career out of your writing, there are some things you need to consider as you work towards getting your name and face out in the real world. The first is that all writers are entrepreneurs—business owners—and you need to behave as such. In some … Read more…

Rogue One: Pre-flight Jitters

I’m doing my Rogue One blog in two parts, mostly because I’m curious to see how my impressions compare before and after what is a significant media event thirty-nine (yes, 39) years in the making. That’s three quarters of my existence, and I’ve had a vested interested in the franchise since I was a wee … Read more…

Message to the 1%

Here’s a message from one of the 99% to ALL of the 1% and the whores on both sides of the aisle in the Legislative and Executive branches.  Y’all better start paying attention before We the People start doing more than  just shouting.  Comprendé? Pass this one around if you’re one of We the … Read more…


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