October Installment at The Fictorians

Here’s another one of my blogs out at The Fictorians.  This one covers what *I think* is the importance of working the convention circuit if you’re a writer. Granted, it has a bit of a bias, but the benefits I’ve enjoyed as a result of attending cons are laid out pretty thoroughly. http://www.fictorians.com/2013/10/15/working-the-convention-circuit/

How Two Snakes Made a Hobbit

I’ve got a panel coming up for CoSine 2013 and decided to do a bit more research than normal.  In this case the panel will discuss whether or not the makers of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” are justified in stretching out the original novel “The Hobbit: There and Back Again” into  three movies. I … Read more…

OsFest5 Panel Schedule

One day of the convention has passed by.  We pulled in at about 2:15 after an 8-hour drive from Denver to Omaha, Nebraska for OsFest5.  Special thanks go out to Guy De Marco and his lovely wife T. L. De Marco for putting pretty much all of this even together for Peter J. Wacks and me.  Last … Read more…

Predatory Phenomenon at Goodwill

I’m finally starting to put together my steampunk costume to wear to book signings and conventions.  Not having money falling off trees these days, I’m starting by hitting up the local Goodwill and Arc stores to find tiny tidbits that can be assembled into a viable steampunk outfit.  I just got back from my first dive … Read more…


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