Quincy Allen and Terry Phillius Get Some Air Time

Well, it took longer than expected, but two of us here at Diascribe have stories that have now seen the light of day.  RuneWright finally released the steampunk anthology Penny Dread Tales in print, Kindle and iPad formats.  Quincy Allen has a story in it called Lasater’s Lucky Left about a cyborg gun-slinger in the 1860s that tangles horns with Chinese … Read more…

“Heart of Darkness” Airs on RadioSteam

So, have you been following the spectacular tales of the extraordinary airship Morrighan at www.RadioSteam.com?  The crew is in TROUBLE… again.  This latest episode, Heart of Darkness, was written by yours truly (Quincy Allen).  The crew gets shot down in the Pacific and is stranded on a desert island inhabited by… well… you’ll just have to … Read more…


IT’S OFFICIAL! Tonight at 6:00pm MST, they’re finally launching S.T.E.A.M. The first episode (redux) will launch officially at about 6pm March 19th from radiosteam.com, and every episode thereafter will go live on Thursdays. Yours truly (that’s Quincy Allen) has written two episodes, and those will be airing  on the 7th and 14th of April. Spread the word!


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