My Gift to You – Free Short Stories

I wanted to say thank you to all the folks who have supported me over the years and also wish you and yours the happiest of holiday seasons no matter who or where you are. So, I’m giving away a bunch of short fiction and releasing a new short story bundle to wrap up 2017. … Read more…

An EPIC Epic Fantasy Book Bundle….

I’ve been included in another digital book bundle, and this one is an Epic Fantasy bundle with great authors like Sanderson, Salvatore, and Stackpole. This time, my book is Blood Curse, the second book in The Blood War Chronicles. It’s a veritable cornucopia of fantasy, and at an amazing price. Be sure to get the extended … Read more…

Someday I May Just Make the Big Leagues

I’m still nobody, but I’m less nobody today than I was last week. That may sound harsh, but it’s actually not. The reality is that making a name for yourself in any entertainment industry is as hard as it is to get struck by lightning. Try me on that one; go out and get struck by lightning. … Read more…

A QJA Guest Blog at DelSheree’s Place

Ahh… the life of a writer. I get to meet tons and tons of fantastic writers… all the time… everywhere. One of my recent “meets” was DelSheree Gladden who runs a great author blog over on BlogSpot. She was kind enough to lend me a little bit of her real estate where I could tell … Read more…

October Installment at The Fictorians

Here’s another one of my blogs out at The Fictorians.  This one covers what *I think* is the importance of working the convention circuit if you’re a writer. Granted, it has a bit of a bias, but the benefits I’ve enjoyed as a result of attending cons are laid out pretty thoroughly.

Halo Blog at the Fictorians

I got another blog out at The Fictorians.  This one is about why the Halo franchise continues to be a multi-billion-dollar franchise after its inception nearly fourteen years ago. Its success has more to do with writing than it does game play… although the game play is AWESOME.   Q.

The SIGI Chronicles #006 – Boom Shakalaka!

[Go To Episode 5] “Ummm… SIGI?”  Varma set down my carrying case, looked at the floor and twisted his fingers together.  He’d been anxious all morning as we prepped for the demonstration scheduled for later that morning. “Oh-oh.”  I got that old sinking feeling in my processors.  Two weeks old and I already knew Varma … Read more…

The SIGI Chronicles #002 – Turn Up The Bass

Go To Episode 001 “It seems kinda fragile, you know?  You sure you couldn’t build anything bigger… and maybe just a touch more… durable?”  I couldn’t stand the sound of my own voice.  That high-pitched squeak was going to drive me insane.  I heard a clicking sound behind me and then, suddenly, my vision multiplied by … Read more…


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