Book Biz Rules and Riddles 001

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES It occurred to me that I have at least some information that would be useful to both new and burgeoning authors alike when it comes to getting published. I’m not authority, by any means. As of this date, I still don’t have a major book deal. However, I’ve chewed a fair amount of … Read more…

The Next Big Thing

Betsy Dornbusch got me involved in this little escapade called “The Next Big Thing.”  Being the non-conformist that I am (have you seen my hair?), I decided to do “The Next Big Things” because I’m about to finish up one project and start another. What is the working title of your next book? Jake Lasater and … Read more…

Case is Coming… That’s Justin Case

Any of you Fletch, MiB, Retief, Bond, Bourne and Monty Python fans?  All at once?  I’m hoping you are, because I’ve decided to serialize the first of my Justin Case novels.  It’s called Chemical Burn.  Basically, it will be available chapter by chapter each week for free on both RuneWright and Diascribe, as well as at … Read more…


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