Sunday Groove With Demigods

A sunny and cloudy Sunday afternoon with gray skies and soothing gaps of blue.  The occasional thunderclap rolls down upon us from the heavens, and my back porch—my sanctuary—is as comfortable as you can imagine.  Dubstep feeds into my brain through headphones, a breeze dances over my skin, and the air is warm.

I’m wrapping up the edit of “Fomorian Legacy” so that I can submit it for review to Rebecca Buchannan so she can decide between this story and “The Scroll of Kali.”

I’m torn between which I want her to pick.  “Kali,” a story about a young girl who becomes a Hindu demigod, has been gathering dust for some time, and I would love to find a home for her.  “Fomorian Legacy,” however, is a fresh and tasty steampunk tale about a boy  who saves the Celtic heritage from zealots by using a suit of mechanical armor powered by Balor’s lost eye.  I think it’s the better story, although “Kali” has its high points.

As I sit here redlining one of my stories, I can’t help but enjoy how fortunate I feel to be able to live my life in this manner.

All I can say is that I hope everyone, in their own time, is able to find a path that delights them as much as this one delights me.



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