“Strength from Within” TOC

I’ll be mentioning this again, so consider yourself warned. When I was asked to contribute a short story to this charity, I counted myself lucky.  Well, it looks like I made the cut, and the list of authors is already out. It’s no secret that I schlep the various books I’m in, as well as the books of the authors I know. But this one is different. It’s for a really good cause: Asbury House in Ft. Collins to”… give dozens of women the space to learn their strengths and build on them to recover.”  When you’re under the thumb of addiction, a helping hand can mean the difference between life and death. I’d say that’s a pretty good cause.


So, I’m asking you to share this one out. I’m asking you to spread the word, and when this anthology comes out, to buy a copy… whether you read fantasy or not. Surely you know someone who does. Buy this one and give it to a friend. Your purchase could make all the difference in someone’s life.



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