Steampunk is Coming…

For the past few months people have looked at me oddly when I’ve said that the vampire-mania that plagued the media for a decade was coming to a close to be replaced by the new spectre of steampunk.  All I can say is, “Let the games begin.”  There have been a handful of examples already including that bit of oddity that was Priest–post-apocalyptic sci-fi to be sure–but with strong steampunk overtones.  Now a new steampunk project has reared its Victorian head, and done so in a time before the era of Queen Victoria.  The Three Musketeers has been redone (yet again), and this time done with a strong steampunk influence, including zeppelins, clockwork secret passages and deadly weapons that could only spring from the mind of a mad Victorian scientist.

Check out this trailer if you don’t believe me.  I’m not saying that the movie will be good.  I’m not saying that The Three Musketeers was a good place for feature films to crash headlong into steampunk.  I’m saying that it’s here, and–mark my words–it’s here to stay.


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