Someday I May Just Make the Big Leagues

I’m still nobody, but I’m less nobody today than I was last week. That may sound harsh, but it’s actually not.

The reality is that making a name for yourself in any entertainment industry is as hard as it is to get struck by lightning. Try me on that one; go out and get struck by lightning. Even if you know where the storm is, even if you hold up a steel pole and wear carbon steel knickers, getting the gods of fame and fortune to run 100,000 volts through those knickers is no mean feat.

The methods for getting struck by lightning, however, be it those 100,000 volts or enough book sales to earn a living, are not all that dissimilar. You still need a storm, which, in my case, is a book. You still need a steel pole and those chafing knickers, which for authors is social media, friends, and if we’re really lucky, interviews.

As many of you know, I’m on FB quite a bit… probably too much considering my word count this past year (although some of that could be attributed to driving cross-country for WordFire). I’m doing the countdown to when Blood Ties is officially released. I’ve done some promotions and arranged for some reviews, and those are already bearing fruit when it comes to gaining momentum.

However, it’s my hope that Blood Ties can become the beginnings of a break-out series, the IP that starts to put me on the map and change me from a no-name author to one recognized for more than just having a mohawk at conventions.

The good news is that I got a little leg up this past week. Patrick Hester over at his Hugo award-winning SF Signal podcast was kind enough to interview me as part of his celebration of MileHi Con here in Denver, Colorado.

I’ve already told him this a few times since then, but I wanted to thank Patrick for taking the time to interview me and also congratulate him on having a fantastic fanzine and podcast. He’s a true geek among geeks, and we’re all lucky to have him doing what he does over at SF Signal.

Having said all that, if you’d like to hear the interview (I think it went pretty well), then CLICK HERE. If you can manage it, I recommend a dram of scotch and a nice cigar just to round things out. At least two out of the three things you’ll be doing will be classy.



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