Shorts for X-Mas?

clidesdale3Okay, so it’s December. I can finally do a little self-promo and some promotion for one of my short story benefactors, 7DS Books.

We’re just starting the holiday season, so I’m including a random image of something at least American beer drinkers will associate with the holidays.  😉

More importantly, I wanted to drop in some plugs for a few anthologies I’m in as well as my novel, which is now on sale.

7dwarfsLooking for a noir take on the origins of that little guy with the olfactory issues, you know, the one who used to hang out with that brunette in the blue and white dress? Check out my story “Cornelius” in Seven Dwarf Stories from 7DS books. Before taking up his nickname, Cornelius was an actor with everything. But drugs sent his life into a spiral, delivering him into the sewer while he helped put the Evil Queen in power. This one isn’t for the kiddies, but it is for folks who enjoy irreverent takes on traditional characters.

lingerHow about a Chicago-style ghost story with a steampunk twist? A couple of Irish cops from the south side get caught up in murder and tormented spirits. It takes miracles of both science and nature to turn the tides. Read “In the Red” from 7DS’ Linger, an anthology overflowing with tormented spirits, ghosts and ghoulies that is certain to tickly your horror-bone. (Horror bone? Really?)

Small Steampunk TrAnd if neither of those work for you, there’s always Steampunk Trails Inaugural edition, with my story “Family Heirloom.” This little gem is a steampunk take on the Underground Railroad, with an ex-slave who builds a submarine to transport escaped slaves up the Mississippi and Ohio rivers to freedom.

chemical_burn_cover_smallAnd if you want to read something that’s going to put a little more meat in your brain … <raises eyebrow> … then how about a full blown novel? Think Fletch meets Jason Bourne meets Blade… but with more goombahs, dimensional shifting, and an invisible alien cat. It’s a riotous romp of mayhem and severed limbs, with a few nice feel-goods and some yuckity-yucks along the way. And Chemical Burn is on SALE!


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