“Resurrection of Samhain” Published

Quincy Allen has a new piece now in print.  The Resurrection of Samhain is a sci-fi short story set in the distant future with a paranormal twist to it.  Celebrating the ancient precurser to Halloween, a Celtic pagan celebration called Samhain, it treats with love, witchcraft and the ghostly heritage of the Irish past.  It was picked up by Bibliotheca Alexandrina in their latest anthology The Scribing Ibis: An Anthology of Pagan Fiction in Honor of Thoth.  The tome is edited by Rebecca Buchanan  and has a foreword by Inanna Gabriel.  You can find it at Amazon.com, but I recommend that you go to the CreateSpace page so that the publisher gets a bigger cut of the publishing pie.

You can find other Quincy Allen short stories in Penny Dread Tales: Volume One, It Lives: Volume One and soon in Spirit Legends.  He’s also been featured in the Internet radio show RadioSteam home of http://www.radiosteam.com/ and The Spectacular Tales of the Extraordinary Airship Mórríghan.

Quincy also has a serialized novel available on this website called Chemical Burn, relating alien ex-government agent Justin Case’s showdown against Gino DiMarco, an L.A. mob boss bent on taking over the drug scene with his new designer drug T-Rex.



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