Out Through the Attic

FinalCoverThumbnailOut Through the Attic: Here are thirteen short stories I’ve written that are amongst my favorites. Brought to you by 7DS Books, it’s a smorgasbord of genres that are sure to make you smile, laugh, cry, and cringe.







Family Heirloom
A heart-wrenching steampunk tale set after the turn of the century and during the Civil War where a little girl discovers her grandfather’s involvement in an underwater railroad that rescued hundreds of slaves.

In the not-too-distant future, a deeply spiritual scientist who dreams in DNA is given the solution to humanity’s greatest problem, whereby he changes humanity forever.

A very noir take on the origins of the nasally-challenged dwarf we all know from the movies, and all with a very fantasy twist.

Sol Crystalis Miracalis
In the distant future, miners in the Kuiper Belt discover a new form of life and are preparing to eradicate it in the name of greed. Only Carson Miracle, ex-space-trooper, can prevent a genocidal catastrophe.

In the far future, Happy Holidays still means something, and the guy responsible for the who show needed help, so he made some.

Lasater’s Lucky Left
In this Old West steampunk yarn, Jake Lasater is a respectable gambler and clockwork gunslinger. When members of the Tong in San Francisco’s China Town steal his money, and has no choice bot to hunt them down.

Cap’n Plat and the Wrath of Caan
A cross between “Gamma World,” “I Robot,” and “Pirates of the Caribbean,” Cap’n Angio Plat, like any good platypus, is fighting against the Raelish Empire—an empire of rats—which has enslaved an entire race of machines.

Baby WEI
In this hard sci-fi story of the near future, babies are getting sick and dying all over the world. Only a very few are able to survive the illness, and they may be the end of humankind as we know it.

Entropy Seed
Weapons research has catapulted mankind into an unimaginable prowess over the natural world. The Entropy Seed may bring about his dissolution forever.

Vessels of Abaddon
A sci-fi / horror crossover, Vessels of Abaddon exposes the darker side of seeking revenge and the terrible price one frequently has to pay to achieve it.

The Resurrection of Samhain
With equal parts science fiction and paranormal, with a side helping of romance, this story reveals the destiny of Ireland’s greatest landmark as the legend of Halloween is reborn on a distant world.

Salting Dogwood
One of Quincy’s favorite stories, it takes three separate historical events in American history and weaves them together into a ghostly tale of sacrifice and retribution that brings about the downfall of a Grand Dragon as well as his Klan in 1925.

Out Through the Attic
An American military veteran, weary of the mundane life back home and disgusted by the pointless wars his government wasted so many lives on, is given the opportunity to make every fantasy a reality.

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