End Game

Justin Case has finally set his sights on the real enemy.  Pyotr Nikolov, mastermind and now head of the brutal Russian criminal organization Solntsevskaya, has returned to Russia to take the helm after the mysterious death of its previous leader.  Pyotr owns Jackie Shao and is setting up a new T-Rex monopoly with plants in Sochi and Vladivostok to start feeding it to every user on the planet.  He also knows about Justin’s phase-door tech and wants a piece of it for himself or the knowledge that it can never be used against him. On top of it all, an assassin made in Justin’s image has made it to Earth and is looking to punch Justin’s ticket for the last time.

Justin, Rachel, Xen and Gloria (who is now considered a rogue by Interpol) will risk everything to bring down Nikolov and erase all trace of phase-door tech from the Solntsevskaya systems.  They’ll need to trust Yvgenny’s mob-contacts to get in to Russia to bring down Nikolov whom the other Russian mobs are terrified of.  Hopping from Japan to Vladivostok to Moscow, the stakes will be higher than ever before, for Justin and Nikolov are now locked


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