Dios de los Muertos

 Mexico is an impossibly dangerous place, and it’s about to become even more so.  Del Gato, the supplier who fed DiMarco the narcotics for T-Rex, now wants the head of the man who killed his biggest buyer.  And Pyotr Nikolov is only too happy to feed the vicious drug lord Justin Case and friends as a four-course meal.  As usual, Pyotr is playing both sides off the middle to get what he wants and doesn’t care whether Case or Del Gato come out on top. Either way Pyotr wins.

Del Gato will stop at nothing to bury Case any anyone involved in the death of Di Marco, and one of Case’s inner-circle will have to pay the ultimate price.  For Justin, Killing Del Gato should be easy.  Finding him, however, is another matter. Justin’s tech-edge won’t be worth a damn in the back-country of central Mexico and Nicaragua.  It will take the help of a voodoo priestess to help Justin paint a target on Del Gato’s forehead and bring down the whole cartel.  And before it’s all over, Justin will have to become the god of the dead to put an end to the killing.


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