Justin Case: The Endgame Trilogy

 Chemical Burn

 Dios de los Muertos

 End Game

The Justin Case series is just good, clean, bloody fun where brutal and/or brilliant bad-guys with plans to rule the world test the mettle of a hero bordering just on the south side of super.  But Case isn’t just a two-dimensional hack-’em-slash-’em killer with a cool, alien cat.  He’s as indomitable as Keith Laumer’s James Retief, frequently relying on brains over brawn.  He’s as cut-throat and cleaver as Dashiell Hammett’s Sam Spade, getting to the heart of the mystery before anyone gets the drop on him. He’s as funny as Gregory Mcdonald’s Irwin M. Fletcher (no, seriously… he is that funny) and keeps his friends laughing along the way.  He’s as dangerous as Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne, taking real delight dismemberment and demolitions.  He’s as indestructible as Blade, taking beating after beating while he keeps on ticking. And finally, he’s as sensitive and giving as Santa Claus; it’s like Case always says, “It’s all about the smiles.”


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