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Quincy Allen is a cross-genre writer with interest in mixing everything together one way or another.  He does the same in the kitchen, and it usually works out pretty well

The Blood War Chronicles

The Endgame Trilogy

Novella-Length Fiction

Short Fiction

You can find many of his books and short stories HERE


Short, Fast and Deadly Flash Fiction: Newborn December, 2010
www.radiosteam.com Internet Radio Season One Episode 6: Heart of Darkness April, 2011
www.radiosteam.com Internet Radio Season One Episode 7: Land of the Lost April, 2011
Penny Dread Tales: Volume I Steampunk Short Fiction: Lasater’s Lucky Left May, 2011
It Lives: Volume One Short Science Fiction:  Baby Wei July, 2011
The Scribing Ibis: An Anthology of Pagan Fiction in Honor of Thoth Short Science Fiction: The Resurrection of Samhain August, 2011
Finalist in RMFW Colorado Gold Writing Contest Chemical Burn – Novel Entry August, 2011
www.RadioSteam.com Internet Radio Season Two Episode 8: Lament of the Falling Man August, 2011
Spirit Legends: Of Ghosts and Gods Paranormal Short Story: Salting Dogwood August, 2011
Best Served Cold: Volume One Short Science Fiction – Vessels of Abaddon September, 2011
Dream Zion Publishing Galaxy
Fest Omnibus
Short Science Fiction: Brainstorm February, 2012
Penny Dread Tales: Volume II Steampunk Short Fiction – WANTED: Moondog Cullins March, 2012
Chemical Burn Novel June, 2012
Tales of the Talisman Short Science Fiction: Sol Crystalis Miracalis September, 2012
The Shining Cities: An Anthology of Pagan Science Fiction  Short Pagan Steampunk Fantasy Fiction: The Scroll of Kali September, 2012
Eternal Haunted Summer Short Pagan Steampunk Fantasy Fiction: Fomorian Legacy September, 2012
The Fictorians (www.fictorians.com) Blog on Writing Steampunk Fiction: Tinkering with History: The Mainstay of Steampunk March, 2013
Penny Dread Tales: Volume III Short Crossover Steampunk Fiction: The Wrath of Caan March, 2013
7DS Books‘ anthology Seven Dwarf Stories Short Crossover Steampunk Fiction: Cornelius April, 2013
 (www.fictorians.com) Seeking Wisdom and Import from Bastions of the BanalBlog on My Influences: Seeking Wisdom and Import from Bastions of the Banal May, 2013
Advice to Aspiring Writers – Blog on Writing Advice: Advice to Aspiring Writers June, 2013
http://tonygraff.com/) Don’t Quit: Blog on Work Ethic: Advice to Aspiring Writers June, 2013
Celtic Mythos – Inroad to a Bigger Universe
Blog on Influences: How Kenneth C. Flint and Julian May influenced my writing.  June, 2013
Halo: The Success of Story
Blog on Influences: How storytelling makes or breaks video games. August, 2013
World of Warcraft: The Fiction Addiction
Blog on how WoW teaches writers about deep, Deep, DEEP back-story.. August, 2013
Taking Back What Was Stolen
Blog on resurrecting a writing dream in the aftermath of nay-sayers. September, 2013
Family Heirlooms in Steampunk Trails (issue #1): Steaming Ahead to Adventure Short steampunk fiction with a submarine take on the Underground Railroad. September, 2013
What the Princess Said 
Blog on starting one’s writing career. October, 2013
Working the Convention Circuit
Blog benefits of working the convention circuit. October, 2013
In The Red from 7DS Books‘ anthology Linger Paranormal steampunk short fiction done Chicago cop style in 1900. October, 2013
A Turn of the Ring from The Grumpy Dragon’s anthology Strength From Within: Stories of RecoveryEdited by Vivian Caethe Fantasy, where a young drug runner, hooked on grind, is given an opportunity to choose the course of her future. Spring, 2014



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