19 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Eleven – Just One Lump, Please “People thought Jake was fearless, but he wasn’t. He got scared like any man. He just figured he was already dead, so he didn’t pay it no nevermind.” ~ Cole McJunkins

21 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Ten – Bluffs and Guns “I wanted to put a bullet through one of those fancy eyepieces of his from the moment I first laid eyes on the Night Stalker.” ~ Cole McJunkins

23 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Seven – Consarned Contraptions “I was always grateful for the clockwork that gave me my life back, but I can sure as hell see why normal folks hated machiners.” ~ Jake Lasater

24 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Six – Sometimes Settled Ain’t Settled “Jake wasn’t much for law and order … not in any civilized sense. He would frequently go out of his way to take matters into his own hands rather than wait on the law. But he was also the most honorable man I’ve ever known.” ~ Captain Jane Wilson

25 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Five – Qi’s Telegram “Ain’t nothin’ more valuable than friends. Not gold. Not land. Not horses. You do for them like they’re your very own soul.” ~ Jake Lasater


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