The SIGI Chronicles #001 – Waking Up

[POWERUP]… … [HICCUP] … … What the hell was that? [GLITCH… [REBOOT]… … [SPINUP] … … [ HICCUP]… There it goes again… Not sure how I could possibly hiccup since it requires a diaphragm, lungs and a central nervous system.   I’m pretty sure I don’t have any of those, despite the fact that I can’t … Read more…

The St. Elmo Dämonjünger – Steampunk Short Fiction

This steampunk short story is about an excommunicated Jesuit priest turned demon-hunting witch who has to face down a demon plaguing a small Colorado mountain town.  The character is the focus of my next manuscript “Curse of the Devoted.” EXCERPT: Earl shivered again. “Just thinkin’ bout that salooner who come through here a ways back. Can’t … Read more…

Brainstorm – Short Science Fiction

This story is different take on the Judgment Day theme.  I’m definitely not a religious person, and this story is more about environmentalism than it is anything else.  If you’re looking for a happy ending go someplace else.  This one beats you over the head with a horrifying end that, from one perspective only, is … Read more…


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