OsFest5 Panel Schedule

One day of the convention has passed by.  We pulled in at about 2:15 after an 8-hour drive from Denver to Omaha, Nebraska for OsFest5.  Special thanks go out to Guy De Marco and his lovely wife T. L. De Marco for putting pretty much all of this even together for Peter J. Wacks and me.  Last night was a whirlwind, with five panels in all.  Additionally, our late-entry Eytan Kollin was a marvelous addition to the panels.


3:00 – The Science of Steampunk
4:00 – Creating an Author Co-op
8:00 – Marketing for Writers
9:00 – Mash-ups: Mixing Generes for New Ideas
10:00 – Writing Professionally


10:00 – Self Publishing 101
1:00 – eBook Creation & Pitfalls
7:00 – Strong Women in Speculative Fiction
8:00 – Writer’s Groups
9:00 – Where Worlds Collide: The Art of Writing Parallel & Alternative Timelines


10:00 – NaNoWriMo for Beginners
2:00 – Plot in an Hour:  The Audience Generates a Story

Then it’s a mad dash home to be in Denver by Midnight… arghhh!!!

Hope to see some of you at the panels!




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