New QJA Titles in June!

June promises to be the biggest, bestest, most sparkly month of my writing career… to date, at least. I’ve posted bits and pieces for the past couple of months, but I wanted to highlight today what I have going on. June 11th marks the release of two titles I’m very proud of.

FinalCoverThumbnailThe first is Out Through the Attic, a short story collection containing 13 stories I’ve written over the past few years, most of which were included in magazines and anthologies, with a few never before seen other than on my computer. It’s a cross-genre smorgasbord of science fiction, steampunk, horror, paranormal and fantasy. The folks over at 7DS Books were gracious enough to publish this, their only request being that I write a novel for them. I can tell you, when a publisher asks you for a novel that isn’t written yet… well, it does wonders for your ego and, more importantly, your confidence. I’m truly honored to have the relationship I do with 7DS Books and Twisted Core Press, their sister imprint. If you want to help a starving artist, then hit Amazon or Kobo for a copy of Out Through the Attic, in both print and digital formats.

PDTIV_ThumnailThe second is the release of Penny Dread Tales Volume IV: Perfidious and Paranormal Punkery of Steam. For four years running, I’ve labored to produce some damn fine steampunk anthologies, and volume IV is no exception. It’s got a fantastic list of contributors, mostly Colorado authors this time around, and arguably the best cover we’ve had so far thanks to Kathryn S. Renta. This volume explores the darker side of steampunk, where demons reign and the human spirit can be as unwholesome and unholy as your worst nightmare. Within these pages are ghosts, demons, and the undead seeking to take your very soul. It includes the following authors and their fantastic stories:

  • Down on Vengeance Creek – Aaron Michael Ritchey
  • The Curious Case of the Frozen Revenant – Gerry Huntman
  • Cosmic Doppelganger – Mike Chinakos
  • DEMONwood – Mark Everett Stone
  • Of Fate and Gears – A.L. Kessler
  • Sinking to the Level of Demons – David Boop
  • The Spirit of the Grift – Sam Knight
  • The Toy Men – David Riley
  • The Hounds of Vaudeville – Jezebel Harleth
  • The Banker, The Zulu & the Empire Maker – Jason Henry Evans
  • The Von Helsing Chronicles: Blood Magic – Peter J. Wacks & J.R. Boyett
  • Brown Takes to the Skies – J.A. Campbell
  • The Heart of Appricotta – Mike Cervantes
  • The Murder Wheel – Kara Seal and L.H. Parker
  • The Noonday Sun – Vivian Caethe
  • The Demon Train – Quincy J. Allen
  • A New Fuel – Ming Drake

If you like steampunk, wild westerns, and a healthy dose of European flair, you really should check out Penny Dread Tales Volume IV.

Both titles are currently available on Amazon and Kobo. Out Through the Attic, is available on Amazon in print format for just $8.79, with the eBook available for $4.77. Like with most Amazon titles, if you buy the Print version, you’ll get the eBook for free. On Kobo, the eBook has been available for pre-order for $3.77 and is now $4.77.

On Amazon, if you buy the print version of Penny Dread Tales IV, you’ll get the eBook for free. If you just do eBooks, you’ll find that PDT IV is being offered on Kobo at a discounted price in celebration of a truly remarkable June for me.

I’m hoping that if you read one and you enjoy it, please please please leave a positive review on your favorite platform. It’s your reviews that spread the word and get me that much closer to writing full time so I can bring you more and even better stories.

Here’s to a rosy future!





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