My Gift to You – Free Short Stories

I wanted to say thank you to all the folks who have supported me over the years and also wish you and yours the happiest of holiday seasons no matter who or where you are.

So, I’m giving away a bunch of short fiction and releasing a new short story bundle to wrap up 2017.

Right now, you can download two short story bundles (“Holiday Short Stories” and “Paranormal Short Stories“) as well as a standalone short story entitled “The Resurrection of Samhain.”


That’s six short stories you can get for free, a little thank you from my family to yours, including:

  • “17”
  • “Jimmy Krinklepot and the White Rebels of Hayberry”
  • “Salting Dogwood”
  • “Tasty Morsels”
  • “The St. Elmo Dämonjünger”
  • “The Resurrection of Samhain”

I’m also debuting my new “Fantasy Short Stories” collection, which contains 5 fantasy short stories I’ve released over the years.

This bundle includes:

  • “A Turn of the Ring”
  • “The Godfairy”
  • “Fomorian Legacy”
  • “Such is the Jungle”
  • “Cornelius”

And, as always, if you like these short stories, you may enjoy the larger collection, “Out Through the Attic” which is now available for only $3.99!

It includes the several of the stories above, of course, but also plenty of new stories that you may not be familiar with, including:

  • “Family Heirloom”
  • “Brainstorm”
  • “Cornelius”
  • “Sol Crystalis Miracalis”
  • “17”
  • “Lasater’s Lucky Left”
  • “Cap’n Plat and the Wrath of Caan”
  • “Baby WEI”
  • “Entropy Seed”
  • “Vessels of Abaddon”
  • “The Resurrection of Samhain”
  • “Salting Dogwood”
  • “Out Through the Attic”

So, from my family to yours, wherever and whomever you are, I offer my sincerest best wishes for your holiday season and here’s to a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

May 2018 be the best year you and your family has ever had.


~ Q

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