Had to say it was a good day…

So, I gotta say that June 18th, 2014 was one of the best days of my life. Everything went perfectly… except maybe that deal with Launch vs. Lunch. Check my FB page for the details on that little bit of newly born tradition.

But the day ended with the best thing a new writer can ask for. I got my first 5-star review out on Amazon. The indie writing gig is a hard one. Ask around, and you’ll find there aren’t many writers who say it’s an easy path. It takes hard work and long hours and wearing a lot of hats. But there is nothing like getting that first 5-star review. Nothing.

Indie writers, by definition, don’t get a lot of validation for their work as they go along. It takes time to build get even a few people interesting in just reading your stuff. To have even one of them take the time to post a review is even harder. Getting a 5-star is in some respects what this is all about.  There isn’t much in the business more valuable to an indie author than getting validation from the outside.


So here it is, and I’m putting it on my blog because I want to remember this moment… even when I’m old and wearing a diaper. MUCHO THANKS to the person who gave me the chance to entertain them. THANKS for the review. And THANKS for giving me just what I needed to cap off a perfect day.

It’s people like you who make being a writer worth all the hard work.




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