Google will NOT take over my world…

So, I installed Google Chrome a while back and selected the “Do NOT make Chrome my default browser.” Then I tried to use my machine and it made Chrome the default browser for some functions. I immediatlye uninstalled Google Chrome and swore off ever installing another Google app on my machine… ever. The one thing you NEVER do is mess with my machine. Biz Dev guys and the scumbags who let this kind of shabby software behavior get through their IT departments should get jobs flipping burgers.

But it gets better. So, as a tech-writer, I use the linkage in an MS Word Document Table of Contents like most people use FaceBook. The first time I tried to use that linkage, I got a funky error in MS Word that the function had been disabled and I needed to contact the System Administrator. I’M the System Administrator. So a couple of quick searches later, I found the following solution:

Had the same problem with hyperlinks in Office programs having uninstalled Google Chrome.
I reinstalled Chrome but still had to set it as my default browser. Then the hyperlinks all worked ok.
I then changed my default browser back to IE8 and the links still all work – thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
However, I think Google need a kick up the pants!! for this – Maybe they decided to hijack all out Hyperlinks as a punishment for uninstalling their program!!!
Still don’t like Chrome so won’t be using it in the foreseeable future………..

So, rather than just swear off Google products, I’ll be recommending to everyone I know (for the rest of my life) that they avoid Google like the plague. Their Biz Dev guys and their developers just don’t seem to get that when I tell software to do or not do something, I expect them to do or not do it accordingly.  I’ll also be switching search engines, for I’ll be damned if I’ll let them take over my world.



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