Crucible of the Self

Here’s a thought for the day:  given energy and intent, looking inwards can often be the best crucible you have,  if only you’ll look with enough honesty to burn away the slag of your past.  It means searing everything you’ve ever heard, done, said, and learned with as much intense observational heat as you can stand; throwing everything away—or at least setting it all aside—to examine this existence we’re all immersed in with greater clarity and an absence of the influences of other, biased minds.  It’s like burning titanium ants with a magnifying glass.  Except in this case, your very identity is child, lens and titanium ant.

And when the slag has vaporized, the steam  cleared, what is left behind may be significantly more desirable and valuable to yourself and others than ten times the sum-total of the original mass.


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