Cover Reveal for The Best of Penny Dread Tales

I am ecstatically pleased to introduce to you the cover for The Best of Penny Dread Tales. This latest and greatest volume of Penny Dread Tales is due out on November 1st, 2014 and will be available on a number of platforms in both print and digital editions from WordFire Press.


For the cover, I want to thank Kevin J. Anderson for his guidance and Kathryn S. Renta for her amazing artistry to create what I think is the best Penny Dread Tales cover thus far. I also want to thank Kevin for his interest in the PDT series, for it is because of him that this little project has been in the works since April of this year.

Special thanks go out to Kevin J. Anderson, Peter J. Wacks, Vivian Caethe, Keith Olexa and Mia Kleve,  as well as the entire proofing team over at WordFire, who all helped in making this volume what it is.

Finally, I want to thank Cayleigh Hickey, Aaron Michael Ritchey, J.M. Franklin, Gerry Huntman, Laura Givens, Keith Good, David Boop, J.R. Boyett, Vivian Caethe, Aaron Spriggs, Peter J. Wacks, David W. Landrum, Sam Knight, Mike Cervantes, and Jonathan D. Beer for submitting such wonderful stories. Each one of you is the real star in this announcement, and this anthology wouldn’t be what it is without you.

It’s been a very good year!






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