12 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Eighteen – Master Chung “We met all sorts of people in our line of work … good and bad alike. Chung, though … he was something else. I count myself lucky for just knowing him.” ~ Jake Lasater

13 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Seventeen – Nitro for the Lady “There was always a lot going on around us that we didn’t figure out till days, weeks, or even months, later.” ~ Captain Jane Wilson

15 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Fifteen – Tong for Two “The old man had seen more death than most, and it weighed on him like chains on a slave. I guess that’s why I liked him so much.” ~ Jake Lasater

17 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Thirteen – Morse for Breakfast “Some say, ‘Sleep when you’re dead.’ I say, sleep when you can. You never know when you’ll get another chance.” ~ Cole McJunkins

19 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Eleven – Just One Lump, Please “People thought Jake was fearless, but he wasn’t. He got scared like any man. He just figured he was already dead, so he didn’t pay it no nevermind.” ~ Cole McJunkins


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