Cat Rambo’s New StoryBundle Bundle

It’s a busy week for me.

I’m here at PensaCon in Pensacola, Florida (my favorite convention of the year). I got to fly  here (a now reguilar occurance), which is a huge boon for my time management. Spending two and three days in the truck was killing my writing time. I have to new cover for Blood Ties getting uploaded to the various platform, and it looks as if there is not going to be a hard cover edition of that series–more on that later.

On top of it all, I found out that I have two titles included in a new eBook bundle. This is a big deal, because these bundles frequently translate into a nice increase in an authors royalty statement.

I’ve known Cat Rambo (exceptional author and President of SWF) for a couple of years now. I had the privilege of being the book designer for her first novel through WordFire Press. I’ve enjoyed spending time with her selling our literary wares at a number of conventions, and I consider he to be a living embodiment of what can be best in science fiction and the writing community as a whole.

So, when I learned that she had been gracious enough to include not one, but two of my works in her new Steampunk Bundle at, I was absolutely thrilled. The bundle itself contains a marvelous assortment o steampunk treasures, with a diverse representation of styles, worlds, themes, and even variations on the steampunk theme. If you are looking for an easy and enjoyable way of discovering what steampunk is and can be, then this may be a bundle for you. If you are an established steampunk fan, then I have no doubt you’ll enjoy what’s contained herein.

I can honestly say that this steampunk bundle doesn’t have just British steampunk. It doesn’t have just gadget steampunk or paranormal steampunk. It has it all, are damn near it, anyway, and with this many authors represented, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll be able to find that next great voice in writing that you’ve been looking for.

So, what’s in this bundle?

The authors included in this bundle are:

The Alchemy of Stone
by Ekaterina Sedia

The Bookman
by Lavie Tidhar

City of the Saints
by D.J. Butler

Altered America: Steampunk Stories
by Cat Rambo

All the Paths of Shadow
by Frank Tuttle

The Emperor’s Edge Series: Books 1-3
by Lindsay Buroker

Ghost in the Cogs
edited by Scott Gable & C. Dombrowski

Blood Ties
by Quincy J. Allen

by Genevieve Valentine

The SEA Is Ours – Tales of Steampunk Southeast Asia
by Jaymee Goh and Joyce Chng

Best of Penny Dread Tales
edited by Kevin J. Anderson and Quincy J. Allen

With the anthology, that’s over thirty different authors for you to sample and enjoy.

You can find the bundle HERE, and It’s my hope that you find at least one new favorite author along the way.

Also, I’ll be giving away one free redemption code to a fan, so stay tuned on how to enter and win.


As always, thanks for supporting authors, science fiction, and even my own efforts as I strive up the ladder of authordom




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