Case is Coming… That’s Justin Case

Any of you Fletch, MiB, Retief, Bond, Bourne and Monty Python fans?  All at once?  I’m hoping you are, because I’ve decided to serialize the first of my Justin Case novels.  It’s called Chemical Burn.  Basically, it will be available chapter by chapter each week for free on both RuneWright and Diascribe, as well as at both the Kindle and iTunes sites.  It will also be available as a whole-book download in a few weeks for $2.99 or something in electronic format and eventually in print format.

So who is Justin Case, you ask?  What’s Chemical Burn?  Well, maybe you didn’t ask, but I’m going to tell you anyway. 

It occurred to me that Los Angeles really needs is an alien government assassin turned smart-ass private detective with a heart of gold and a penchant for wet-work.  Thus was born Justin Case in his first complete sci-fi/criminal thriller called Chemical Burn. The grisly demise of a friend sets Justin Case and his feline partner on a collision course with an Italian mob boss everyone thought was retired.  Gino DiMarco is not only still in business, he’s secretly hammering LA with T-Rex, a new designer drug that has the LAPD running in circles.  Now DiMarco’s going global by teaming up with a brutal and brilliant Russian mob boss. 

Case and friends must reveal who put the contract out his friend, unravel the secrets of T-Rex and bring the world down around DiMarco’s ears before its too late for all of them.  Dodging one hit squad after the next, Case falls head-over for long-time-assistant Rachel and is faced with the risky necessity of revealing his origins and turning her into a predator in her own right.

So look for weekly installments of Chemical Burn coming to you on Sundays!


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