Brainstorm – Short Science Fiction

This story is different take on the Judgment Day theme.  I’m definitely not a religious person, and this story is more about environmentalism than it is anything else.  If you’re looking for a happy ending go someplace else.  This one beats you over the head with a horrifying end that, from one perspective only, is actually beautiful.


                Mathew woke to absolute darkness, covered in sweat and on the verge of screaming.  The dream, yet another moment of rapture in a long line of them, a lifetime of them in fact, was the first ever that frightened him and made him question his faith.  Most people dream of sleeping with their neighbors… or flying… or being attacked by dogs.  Mathew dreamt of three-dimensional deoxyribonucleic acid chains.  Visions of DNA came to his dreams in new and miraculous sequences.  Aside from his assistant Emily, he’d never told anyone of their source. 

This story is currently under review with Apex Magazine.


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