Blood Curse is a Tangible Thing…

20160614_153710So it’s officially a tangible thing … the fruit of my labors. 
Early Happy Birthday to me.
Hard copies of Blood Curse, arrived on my doorstep today. One box is bound for Houston and ComicPalooza where I’m headed tomorrow morning with a truckload of WordFire books to set up the WordFire Press booth. Another box is headed for Denver Comic Con where Josh Kradz will be running the second WordFire booth.
What is Blood Curse all about?

Ancient Foes – Airship Battles – A Hidden City

A ruddy sun has set on the gauntlet that nearly killed Jake and his companions in San Francisco. Storm clouds loom on the horizon, promising the inevitability of an airship battle with the nefarious Colonel Szilágyi.…

Blood Curse, the second book in the Blood War Chronicles, drops Jake into the middle of a war between the Free Territories and the Empire of Texas. In the shadow of warships, mechanized infantry, and spies, he discovers a world he couldn’t possibly have imagined and begins to understand what fate has in store for him.

Jake doesn’t want that destiny, but his growing feelings for the Lady Corina Dănești lead him down a path of death and destruction on a scale that could encompass worlds.

The book officially goes on sale June 21st. Digital copies are currently available for pre-order, and we’re still running the 99 cent special on Blood Ties, Book 1 of The Blood War Chronicles.
Thanks WordFire Press, Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta (Publishers), Michelle Corsillo (Production Manager), and Bryan Thomas Schmidt (Editor) for all your help in getting Book 2 of The Blood War Chronicles out the door.
And thanks to all my Beta Readers for your help in making it a better book, including:
  • Aaron Anansi Spriggs
  • Aaron Michael Ritchey
  • Ali Nouraei
  • Amanda DeViney
  • C Stuart Hardwick
  • C.t. Adams
  • Carolyn Fritz
  • David Butler
  • Jason Macer
  • JNathanial Corres
  • Jonah Slavic
  • Katie Mae Petross
  • L Marie Evans
  • Lou J Berger
  • Mark Stone
  • Meagan Noël Rowe Upole
  • Mia Kleve
  • Nikki Ebright
  • Scot Welch
  • Sharon Bass
  • Sunshine Levy
  • Tamara Riley-Wilson
  • Therese Martin
  • Tiffany Reeves
  • Brandon Bird
  • Desiree L. Gould
  • Erica  McCarthy
  • Jeff Sturgeon
  • Kevin Conner
  • Lauren Roxo
  • Mario Acevedo
  • Melanie Bryant
  • Nikki Cdebaca Willems
  • Patrick Hester
  • Rachel Brune
  • Sharon Dodge
  • Voniè Stillson
  • Wayland Smith

Also thanks to all the great people on my street team who continue to help me get the word out:

  • Kathryn S Renta
  • Felicia Sweeney
  • Nikki Ebright
  • Alexi Vandenberg
  • Tamara Riley-Wilson
  • Tiffany Harris-Reeves
  • Meagan Noël Rowe Upole
  • James Gilbert
  • Josh Vogt
  • Denise K. Bane
  • Mia Kleve
  • Lissa Woodbury Jensen
  • Erika Kuta Marler
  • Ronnie Virdi
  • Jeff Simmons
  • Thad Diaz
  • Lauren Roxo
  • Charles Williamson
  • Sharon Dodge
  • Cat Lee
  • JNathanial Corres
  • Josh Kradz

I’m grateful to each and everyone one of you for all the support you’ve provided on this journey.



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