10 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Twenty – Comrades in Arms “There’s a part of me, deep down inside, that always regretted not being able to settle down with Jake, but he had his destiny.” ~ Qi Lau Xing

12 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Eighteen – Master Chung “We met all sorts of people in our line of work … good and bad alike. Chung, though … he was something else. I count myself lucky for just knowing him.” ~ Jake Lasater

13 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Seventeen – Nitro for the Lady “There was always a lot going on around us that we didn’t figure out till days, weeks, or even months, later.” ~ Captain Jane Wilson

15 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Fifteen – Tong for Two “The old man had seen more death than most, and it weighed on him like chains on a slave. I guess that’s why I liked him so much.” ~ Jake Lasater

17 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Thirteen – Morse for Breakfast “Some say, ‘Sleep when you’re dead.’ I say, sleep when you can. You never know when you’ll get another chance.” ~ Cole McJunkins


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