4 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Twenty-six – A Deal Deal “You can make a deal with the Devil and trust he’ll keep his end of the bargain. But any deal you make better be worth your immortal soul.” ~ Jake Lasater

The Blood War Chronicles Playlist on YouTube

So, with all the spare time I have from month to month – yeah right! – I managed to put together a growing list of songs that go along with Blood Ties and the whole Blood War series. It’s like my own little Jake Lasater soundtrack. I’ll definitely add more over the next couple of years as … Read more…

6 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Twenty-four – The Gauntlet “When it was just me, I never worried about getting killed. It was always the people around me that I worried about.” ~ Jake Lasater

8 Days Until Blood Ties

Chapter Twenty-two Rock and a Hard Place “Jake was a lot like Lumpy when you cornered him. He just dug his heels in and plowed through whatever got in his way.” ~ Cole McJunkins

Someday I May Just Make the Big Leagues

I’m still nobody, but I’m less nobody today than I was last week. That may sound harsh, but it’s actually not. The reality is that making a name for yourself in any entertainment industry is as hard as it is to get struck by lightning. Try me on that one; go out and get struck by lightning. … Read more…


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