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Part of this business really is “who you know.” I can attribute many of my opportunties and successes to having met “the next new person in my working life” at a panel or booth or signing. In this case, my buddy “Diamond” DJ Butler had introduced me to a gentleman by the name of Daniel Swenson. Dan is an exceedingly affable sort and al all-around friend to authors as part of his work/hobby.

His work, in this case, is as a host and producer for Dungeon Crawler’s Radio.

This past week, I managed to set aside some time for a writer’s retreat that DJ Butler puts together every year (and where I also won my first, uber-coveted, Koval Award for Best Off-world Post-apocalyptic Bounty Hunter Novel), and Mr. Swenson was one of the attendees. As it turns out, he was generous enough to enterview a nuber of us for his podcast, and, with the help of Aaron Michael Ritchey, managed to put together what I hope you will find to be both an intertaining and informative interview.

We cover quite a few topics, with a focus on Larry Corriea’s upcoming Monster Hunter Files anthology (which is currently available for pre-order at Amazon), The Blood War Chronicles, Chemical Burn, Jack the Ripper, and even a bit about my involvement in Aaron Michael Ritchey’s Juniper Tales project.

Additionally, we also talk about (and for the first time) what the J in Quincy J. Allen stands for. It’s a literary exclusive heard first on Dungeon Crawlers Radio at:





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