A Sort of Validation….

I just received a most enjoyable email from someone who attended a panel I was involved with at MileHiCon. There are times when I have at least a little doubt about the path I’ve chosen, but then little rays of sunshine pop up and keep me  on the trail with a smile on my face.

Here’s what she had to say:


Thank you for participating in the MileHi Con sessions about steampunk. I was introduced to the subject by seeing and loving some steampunk art, but didn’t know much about it. I asked you, in the first session, for a definition of steampunk. The more I learn, the more “into” it I am getting. I love the imagery, especially, and my artwork will probably start taking on more of a “steampunk flavor” as I keep researching.

Meanwhile, in my research, I stumbled upon an article I liked and thought I’d share with you: http://theclockworkcentury.com/?p=165

The sentences I love most are: “Steampunk could be considered a retro-futuristic neo-Victorian sensibility that is being embraced by fiction, music, games, and fashion. It is ornate and vibrant, and intricate. It believes that functional items can and should be beautiful.” {emphasis mine} This made me recall your story about the fellow who had a steampunk wheelchair that actually billowed steam. Awesome! The art I enjoy making as well as discovering is functional. Discovering? Look around you to see the little details artists have placed on functional items (including buildings). Pretty cool!

So, anyway, I wanted to express appreciation for your being one of those people who helped usher me through the beginning steps of my path toward a steampunk world! (grin)



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