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SteampunkTrailsIssueSmallI’m pleased and proud to announce that my story “Family Heirlooms” is now available in the inaugural issue of Steampunk Trails magazine. Mucho thanks to David B. Riley (Publisher) and Julie Campbell (Editor) for being gracious enough to include my story. And props to M. Wayne Miller who did the cover art as well as Marge Simon, Becky Hudson, and Shoshanah Holl, who did the illustrations.

“Family Heirlooms” is a steampunk take on race relations during the Civil War, with the notion of the Underground Railroad morphed into an underwater railroad. I was particularly pleased with how this one turned out. I had tried to make it a bit of a tear-jerker, and Julie, at least, paid me one of the best compliments an editor ever could. She said that she actually got teary-eyed by the end.

Okay, so I almost squeed out loud when she said.

There’s an outstanding collection of contributors in the magazine, including J. A. Campbell, Mike Cervantes, Rhye Manhattan, Sam Knight, Vivian Caethe, David B. Riley, O. M. Grey, Carrie Vaughn, Henrik Ramsager, and Lyn McConchie. I can honestly say that I’m in fantastic company between these pages.

So, if you like steampunk, get yourself a copy and enjoy some. If you don’t know what steampunk is, get yourself a copy and find out. If you like reading, get yourself a copy. Hell, even if you don’t like reading, get yourself a copy. You never know when a magazine might come in handy. It could save your life. Seriously. I’ve heard stories like that–“Man Fends Off Crazed Wombat With Rolled Up Magazine.” That’s not urban legend. It’s true! I SWEAR!

And as I understand it, there’s an eBook version coming out in the next few weeks, so if you don’t get the dead-tree version, get the enslaved electrons version. If you do, you’ll be helping out yet another great example of indie-publishing and how it’s changing the face of the industry.

Thanks in advance if you buy a copy, and if you like what you read, do all of the contributors, the editor, the artists and the publisher a favor by posting a COMMENT!

You can get your copy at the following locations:


CreateSpace (use code JLYAR587 for a 20% discount)




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