A Foundation for Roswell

I’ve  been contemplating the nature of the culture and government of my 1871 Roswell society.  I’m at that point in the new book where I have to define it and lay the groundwork for future memory.  As I contemplated this on the drive in to my day job this morning, something occurred to me.

Government is the manifestation of two failures combined with a natural condition of the Universe.  It is the failure of sentient beings to get along with each other respectfully.  It is the failure of sentient beings to effectively care for themselves and/or their progeny.  It is the reality that the Universe does not care who or what gets in its way, regardless of which god or gods are prayed to.

Roswell will be an attempt to address these three soon-to-be axioms… at least in my Universe.  😉

Have a good day.



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