3 Days Until Blood Ties – And the ARC reviews are FANTASTIC…

558CoverBloodTIesYesterday I ran out of quotes from the chapter heads of Blood Ties. That’s all there are: twenty-six action-packed chapters of steampunky mayhem spiced with a dollop of magic and some (hopefully) loveable characters.

About a month ago–and in preparation for this very moment–I sent out a slew of ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) to a few friends as well as some volunteers from all over the U.S and a couple in Britain. My hope was that they would come back with some nice things to say about the book. A handful of them have already gotten back to me and posted their thoughts on Amazon and Goodreads.

All I can say is that my hopes have been realized. More importantly, all the fears of the past year… wondering if this cross-genre western steampunk epic fantasy smorgasbord was going to be worth reading… have evaporated in, well, a puff of steam.

So, here’s a link so you can see what other folks are saying about Blood Ties. I’ll let you decide for yourself if it’s worth picking up.




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